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There are many reasons children and young people come into foster care.

Some of these young people have experienced trauma and neglect. As a result of this, they can have difficulty forming attachments, trusting adults, and may struggle to settle and bond.

What is Care+?

Care+ is a therapeutic approach to foster care and provides a bespoke package to support each individual child and their Foster Carers, including training on therapeutic foster care.

The therapeutic service is delivered by our foster carers and professional team, which includes Supervising Social Workers and a Psychotherapist.

The aim is to build a healthy relationship between the child and carers, which enables the child to develop an ability to:

  • regulate emotions
  • cope with stress
  • believe themselves to be worthy of love, care, and protection

Success stories of therapeutic care

“Jack was 3 when placed and described as needing “100%” supervision with global developmental delay. He was in nappies and had no discernible language. After 18 months in a Care+ placement he began to trust, communicate freely, to smile and allowed the carers to comfort him when distressed. He started school and successfully moved to long term foster carers.”

If you think you could offer safety, support and understanding to a child or young person, get in touch today!