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Q&A - What's it like fostering siblings?

Published on: 2019-04-05 10:03:00


How long have you been with Nexus Fostering?Two siblings eating lunch
We became foster carers with Nexus at the beginning of 2018 – we’ve only fostered with Nexus.

How many children/ young people have you fostered?
We had a short 4 day placements and then we fostered a sibling group of two for 10 months.

What are the main challenges of fostering a sibling group?
In our case it was that the relationship between them was difficult, the eldest was often violent towards the youngest. Initially we couldn’t leave them alone together. You also have to be mindful that each sibling can have very different needs. We just tried to make sure that each one got quality 1:1 time with us. 

What do you think the benefits are for siblings to be fostered together?
Even though their relationship was problematic initially, the children could draw comfort from having someone familiar with them. As their relationship strengthened over time, they really learned to get along with each other and it meant that they could play together and support each other emotionally.

What is your fondest memory from one of your placements, or a particular success story you would like to share?
That’s hard to choose – there are many! Watching them running around and playing together in our garden or seeing them cuddled up together on a big beanbag watching the television was fantastic. Watching the eldest come out of school and run up to the youngest to give them a hug was pretty special too.

What tips would you give to someone expecting their first sibling placement?
Be prepared to be very busy!

If you could describe fostering siblings in 3 words, what would they be?
Rewarding, fun, and tiring!

Why did you choose to foster with Nexus Fostering and how have they supported you in your fostering journey?
We foster with an agency as my husband is a supervising social worker for the local authority. We looked at several agencies and Nexus Fostering impressed us the most, especially with its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating.

The support we have received throughout our time with Nexus Fostering has been excellent, right through from our Form F assessment and throughout our placements. We have had to occasionally call out of hours for advice and we’ve never felt that we were being a nuisance. We have also appreciated the opportunities we’ve had to attend training and regular support groups, all of which has had a positive impact on our skills as foster carers.

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