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                      The Year The World Turned Upside Down



By Gaz and Maya 


The year the world turned upside down
The year people’s smiles turned to a frown, 
March came along with some terrible news 
Children had to put away their school shoes. 
School was closed, it was fun at first
But as time went by our happiness burst. 

Everyone had to work from home
Some days you would find yourself feeling very alone, 
We missed our friends, we missed the noise
Children missed playing with girls and boys
We learned to adapt, we all really tried
Some days we just sat and cried and cried. 

We would find ourselves sat in a quiet room
So we could attend meetings, mainly on zoom
We would shout at people for being on mute
The elderly working technology was actually quite cute. 
I.T issues happened all the time
When we got used it, it worked out fine. 

We was told in public to wear a mask,
Some people found this a difficult task
You had to wear them on the bus
Even though people made a fuss, 
Social distancing wasn’t mentioned before
We all had to stand 2 metres queuing out of doors

In lots of shops, the shelves were bare, 
People panic bought they didn’t care. 
You’d finally get in to find no toilet tissue 
It turned out to be a really big issue. 
Staff did their best to keep us safe 
We all tried hard to keep the faith. 

For the NHS every Thursday we clapped
From outside our homes where we’d been trapped. 
Our national heroes were the hospital staff
Guiding the way and leading our path. 
People selflessly risked their lives every day
All key workers were special in a different way. 

Boris Johnson would tell us what to do
Most of us complied except for a few
The slogan was, hands, face, space
Scientists tried to find a vaccine to win the race
No one wanted to live with this disease for years
So the government placed us all in different tiers 

This year has been a memorable time 
Which is why we have wrote this rhyme
As 2020 led us in the wrong direction 
Let’s hope 2021 will make the correction. 
As the year ends we no longer want to live in fear
We wrote this poem for the end of the year.

Stay safe everyone, soon we will all be together again.