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Foster carer success story

Published on: 2015-07-22 11:30:00


“In my humble opinion, you have saved him and he will accomplish things he may not have otherwise. This is because of you.”

~ Jane, Robby’s teacher ~

As a foster carer, there are few greater rewards than seeing your foster child transform into a secure, confident and contented young person. Today, we are delighted to share Jane’s account of how Robby’s foster carer, Sally, has changed Robby’s life.

“When Robby first joined my class, he would participate sometimes, but generally he was quiet and withdrawn. One of his classmates, Jamie, spotted Robby’s vulnerability and would incite his help in retaliating over the smallest issue with their peers. That small issue invariably turned into a fight and the inevitable detentions followed.”

Bursting with pride

“Over the past year, I’ve noticed many times that Robby thinks about things on a different level to the other children I teach.  He thinks very deeply and seriously. Sometimes, I think he is wise beyond his years and a recent incident confirmed this to me and I have to say, his handling of the situation made me proud beyond belief. In fact I thought I would burst with pride!”

Let's not fight

“The incident in question happened during a lunch break. Once again, Jamie was goading Robby to fight with another child. Nothing unusual there, but Robby’s reaction took us all by surprise. In a very calm and considered manner, he turned to Jamie and said “we are in enough trouble already. Let's go and talk somewhere. Let's not fight. I don't want another detention, and you shouldn't want one either."  Repeatedly, he tried to remove himself from the situation before trying to reason with Jamie to stop, reminding him of the consequences. Robby then turned to another boy, Evan, and told him "You are only in a gang because you are scared of so-and-so”. Then he went off to play with other children."  

Newly confident

"After the lunchbreak, Robby and I chatted about the incident. We talked about the whole 'gang mentality' we discussed how changing his path has helped him and how he has broken the bad habits that many people fall into. I told him how extremely proud I was and how he has, with one decision, become a brilliant example of the positive cause and effect. Gone was the small, frightened and vulnerable child. Standing up straight and looking me in the eye was a newly confident young person. He even cracked a smile when I praised him!"


"Robby talks about his foster carer, Sally, very frequently and the changes in him since he went to live with her have been nothing short of miraculous. I know Sally and Robby chat about anything and everything and I honestly believe Sally has done a fantastic job.  In fact, I am in awe of Sally. I have never seen such a turnaround in a child's behaviour and it makes me feel lucky to be part of the happy, loving, life that every child should have but doesn't always get.  In my humble opinion, Sally has saved Robby and I have no doubt he will accomplish great things because of Sally's help. I'm really looking forward to teaching him in the next academic year."

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Sally is a hero, for many reasons. She's used her life skills, patience, sense of humour and experience to give Robby the care and support he needed to become a confident, self-reliant and honest young man. Chatting with him, gaining his views  and his trust, she gently re-shaped his attitude. It took time and a belief he deserved a better life, but together they succeeded.

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