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South East Halloween party

Published on: 2017-10-30 10:43:00


Our South East Halloween Party was a ‘spooktacular’ event.

The kids wore some excellent costumes though of the adults, only Jill joined in the masquerade.

Plenty of games were played and Jamie, Jay, Bradley, Grace and Liam were brilliant at the apple bobbing.

Susanne’s chocolate game was complete chaos but all the chocolate got eaten so it didn’t matter.

Sophie, Courtney and Charlotte were the first to decorate (and eat) loads of biscuits and cakes but were closely followed by Morgan, Tacara, Ashwina, Grace, Amber and Abigail.

Anthony carved some excellent pumpkins from the kid’s designs.

Nikita (for a while at least) presided over the excellent glass jar decorating. These looked wonderful with the electric tea lights in them.

There was some wonderful artwork produced that was all taken home. I’m sure Pauline and Jill took there’s home as well!

It was touch and go for a while but no legs got stepped on too hard in the game of ‘ladders’.

Last of all we shared the party with free book day and so every child went home with a book, a full stomach and, in some cases, a very wet shirt!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a great event!

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