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Q & A - Nexus 360 with Una

Published on: 2018-06-19 10:00:00


What is your name and how long have you been fostering?

My name is Una and I was approved in August 2017 and we had our first placement in October. We now have another young person with us who is on the Nexus 360 package.

What did you do before you became a foster carer?

I was a children’s centre manager in Harrow and before that I was a nursery nurse. I have worked with children all my career. I have always supported children in need, so this was the natural next step.

How long have you been involved in Nexus 360?

We got our first 360 placement 6 weeks ago!

What do you think Nexus 360 can do for a young person?

A young person on Nexus 360 has access to much higher levels of support. They have a social worker as you would expect, but they also have psychotherapy and an outreach worker. They are able to provide the child with a higher level of support and become someone they can trust and provide a role model. They do homework together, talk, and do fun activities with the child.

How have you been supported as a Nexus 360 foster carer?

I really believe that if we are properly supported we can properly support the child.

Under Nexus 360 I am getting more therapy as a carer, more support, and learning more about the child I am caring for and what they have been through. All of this combined allows you to help the child on a higher level.

With this in place, I know my partner and I feel much more secure and confident.

Have you had any specialist training?

I am new to Nexus 360, but I know that as the placement goes on I will get training as needed in relation to what the child has been through. For example, we could have training relating to dealing with trauma, or helping a child who had experienced domestic violence.

Nexus Fostering provides a lot of training to it’s carers, but on 360 we can be really specific in order to help the child.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a foster carer to help young people, including those on the Nexus 360 programme?

The children who have a higher level of need are placed on the Nexus 360 package where possible. I would want to get across to someone that just because they have more needs, that doesn’t mean they are not ‘fosterable’.

People might think “Oh I don’t think I could deal with that” but with this package behind you, you are far more able than you think.

You shouldn’t let that worry put you off.

Thinking back to children I have cared for in the past, before Nexus launched Nexus 360, I think we could have offered them a lot more and been able to help more.

Nexus 360 foster carers are helping young people to live in a stable family home. If you would like to learn more, or have thought about becoming a foster carer, call our team today for a no obligation conversation to find out if it is for you on 0800 389 0143

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