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Q & A - Joyce

Published on: 2018-06-01 10:00:00


How long have you been fostering, and how long have you been with Nexus Fostering?

We have been with Nexus Fostering for nearly 2 years. 

Why did you choose to foster with Nexus Fostering?

I chose to foster with Nexus Fostering because they were recommended by a friend. 

What do you think are the benefits of fostering, for you and for the young person?

The benefits of fostering for me is the chance to give a young person a better chance of a meaningful future, as my own children are all grown up I feel this is the time I can make a difference in another child’s life. 

What were the main challenges in the placements you have had?

Challenges during my placements have been very minimal. I would say I have been one of the lucky ones so far, long may it continue. 

What did you find most rewarding?

I find making a difference in a child’s life and giving them confidence to face life’s expectations very rewarding.

How have Nexus Fostering supported you in your fostering journey?

Nexus Fostering have always been there for all carers and I cannot fault them for that. 

If you’re a part of a fostering family, how did your family / children find bringing a foster child into their home?

My whole family are supportive of the fostering idea and have helped in any way they can. We are a close-knit family and try as much as possible to help and support each other. 

If you could describe fostering in 3 words, what would they be?

My 3 words to describe my fostering experience so far would be: 

  • Challenging
  • Educational 
  • Rewarding 

What is the main message you would like to get across to someone who is learning about fostering for the first time?

My advice to a new foster carer will be to take their training very seriously and to have an open mind and not be judgemental. 

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