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Q & A - fostering teenagers

Published on: 2018-06-19 11:30:00


How long have you been fostering, and how long have you been with Nexus Fostering?

I have been fostering for 3 years and been with Nexus for more than 2 years.

Why did you choose to foster with Nexus Fostering?

Nexus is very supportive to both children and foster carers.

What do you think are the benefits of fostering, for you and for the young person?

We are passionate about helping children and young people achieve their goals and aspirations. Our best moment when discovering the children’s potential, giving them the best possible chance at happiness.

What were the main challenges in the placements you have had?

We fostered teenagers and we all know that teenagers who went through trauma, abuse, neglect, or rejection can be challenging, but with the right support and training, we can thrive on that challenge.

What did you find most rewarding?

The rewards of helping teenagers fulfil their hopes and aspirations are marvellous. We chose to foster teenagers, because we have a teenage son.

This group of children really need people to give them a chance of a better future. Some of them display challenging behaviour because they went through trauma, abuse, neglect, or rejection. However, when we treat them as individuals, look at the causes of their behaviour and address these causes then the teenagers’ behaviour starts changing. The rewards come when the young person starts to turn their life around.

What is your fondest memory from one of your placements?

When AK visited us in the induction day. AK was so hungry and did not like the food offered to him in the temporary accommodation. When we offered him food he was so happy to find that the food was quite similar to his mum’s.

Do you have one particular success story you would like to share, about a child who was placed with you?

MA was illiterate in his first language, no previous knowledge of schooling, and couldn’t speak one English word. While we were looking for a school in our area, we gave him English language tuition daily, starting from the alphabet.

The beginning was very difficult as his learning skills were not developed. We taught him in the daily basis and helped him in the four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We also supported him on every day after school until he is fluent in English. He can now communicate in English really well. We are proud of him!

How have Nexus Fostering supported you in your fostering journey, in particular with any challenges that came from your placements.

Nexus Fostering supervising social worker meets with us every fortnight and advises us on every issue we have. Our SSW sets regular training days that meet our needs, discuss issues with fostering, attends the LAC review with us, and suggests ideas to solve challenging behaviour.

Nexus Fostering also looks after our birth children, too. At the beginning of our career in fostering, it was very difficult for our son to share his live with foster children. Nexus Fostering meets with our birth son and helps him speak about his worries, take up responsibility, and understand his role in the fostering home.

If you could describe fostering in 3 words, what would they be?

Open mind, compassionate, and stability.

What is the main message you would like to get across to someone who is learning about fostering for the first time?

Fostering is bringing the good into the world, putting yourself second so the child could be put first, so that these children have a happier, more successful future.

If you can provide stability, love, and caring to children you have no prior connection to or knowledge of, then you are in the right place. Also, if you have endurance and ability to persevere through the obstacles you encounter as a foster parent, then go for it.

If you have always wanted to be a foster carer, Nexus Fostering could be the agency to support you in your dream. Why not find your local team, or call us on 0800 389 0143.

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