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Q&A #1 - Parent and Child Fostering

Published on: 2017-09-01 11:51:00


So, what is a parent and child (p&c) placement?

This type of placement involves a parent (or parents) and their baby staying in your home in order to receive your support and be assessed on their ability to care for the baby.

Do I need to record what happens?

Yes, you will observe the parent(s) and child, and record information to help Social Services in their assessment.

Will I receive any training to do this?

Yes, your Supervising Social Worker will help you understand what we need from you and you will receive specialist p&c training alongside our comprehensive standard training plan for foster carers.

Will I have to care for the baby?

You would not be expected to do things like change or bathe them. You are essentially carer to the parent(s), supporting them to learn to do these things themselves.

How long do p&c placements last?

Usually 12-13 weeks. This may be extended if Social Services think the parent would benefit from this.

What skills do I need to do this?

You will need to be able to keep clear records (and share them with Social Services), communication skills to explain and share your experience with the parent(s) and the ability to set boundaries. There will be another adult living with you who may come from a difficult background and their home life could be very different.

These placements can be challenging, but can be the only way to end a negative cycle, for both parent and child.

If you think you could help a parent and child, or want some more information on this type of fostering, please contact us on 0800 3890143.

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