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Meet our Pete

Published on: 2017-05-04 15:00:00


“Foster Care Fortnight is such a special time of year for us, here at Nexus Fostering” explains our Recruitment Manager, Pete Norman. 

“To be given the opportunity to focus on showcasing and celebrating the fantastic difference foster carers make to the lives of the young people in their care is such a privilege and something that gives us enormous pleasure.” 

As part of our Foster Care Fortnight celebrations, Pete will be ‘on the road’, supporting our local teams as they hold informal ‘drop-in’ events. 

“It’s fair to say that nearly all the children and young people in our care have experienced neglect and / or abuse of some sort. They’ve been in an environment where they’ve had to grow up very quickly and they’ve missed out on the innocence and simplicity of childhood. Our foster carers give them their childhood back. They make sure their foster children know they are there for them and will support them and take their worries from them. That’s a pretty special thing for everyone involved and it’s wonderful to see the foster children relax, have fun and achieve their goals.” 

“Sadly, there are so many children and young people out there who need our help, so I’ll be at every drop-in event, with the local teams, to encourage more people to become foster carers with us and give back children’s childhoods.” 

You can meet our Pete and our local teams at the following venues during Foster Care Fortnight:  

Monday 8th May 9am - 5pm                   -              The Forum, Norwich

Thursday 11th May 10am - 1pm             -              The Millennium Library, Norwich

Friday 12th May 2pm - 3pm                     -              One Leisure, St Neots

Monday 15th May 12pm - 2pm               -              Parkside Pool Café, Cambridge

Tuesday 16th May 1pm - 3pm                  -              Tesco Extra, Cambridge

Wednesday 17th May 11am - 3pm          -              Tesco Superstore, Bury St Edmunds

Thursday 18th May 11am - 3pm               -              Tesco Superstore, Haverhill

Friday 19th May 11am - 3pm                    -              Tesco Superstore, Sleaford

Or contact us on 0800 389 0143 or online for more information or to chat about becoming one of the Nexus Fostering team of carers. STOP PRESS!!! if you miss us during Foster Care Fortnight,  you can speak to us at Wymondham on the 24th May or Great Yarmouth on the 26th May. Full details here.

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