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All the fun of the fair at Drayton Manor Park

Published on: 2015-08-06 11:30:00


  Foster carer Jessica with her family 

Dodging the showers during the school summer holidays seems to be a national pastime for most of us, but our Midlands team of fostering families and staff managed to have a full, dry, day for their trip to Drayton Manor Park, recently!

In fact, a bumper twenty four fostering families joined the fun on the day, laughing and screaming in equal measure as the various rides twisted, turned and jolted them around the park. Voted the ‘best ride’, Ben 10 became a firm favourite with everyone, although a member of Nexus staff felt it “looked more scary than fun!”.

The zoo was a real hit and cameras snapped away whilst most of the animals went about their day leaving a ring tailed lemur and a black panther to strike their poses, reclining in the sunshine!  In fact, there was so much to do and see at Drayton Manor Park the day sped past.  We could see why the Park has won so many awards, it really is a great place for all ages.

Everyone agreed, it was great to see so many of the children and carers out enjoying the holidays and lovely to be able to meet up for an ice cream, although the poor staff at AJ’s ice cream had to delay their breaks to serve us all with their delicious treats…all 130 of us!


 Foster Carer, Suzanne

Fostering has so many rewards, (apart from summer day trips!).  Why not find out how you could give a young person a proper childhood and a chance to achieve their potential by becoming a foster carer with us. 



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