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What our foster carers children say about us

Published on: 2016-11-16 11:47:00


foster carers sons and daughters smiling


Well, that’s the annual ‘sons and daughters month’ over for another year.

For our part, we feel our foster carers own children should be celebrated at every opportunity, regardless of the time of year.

Every day, they share their mums, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, pets, homes and lives with children and young people who come to their home as strangers, but so often end up being great friends.



Take Maia. Maia is fifteen and studying for her GCSE’s, a stressful time in every young person’s life, but she took her time to give us some feedback on how we support her in her role as part of a family that fosters. Maia said:

“The support from Nexus is great, I feel as though if there were any problems inside the family I would be able to rely on them greatly to listen to what I have to say and make sure I felt comfortable in my own home”.

That last line really resonates with us; Maia must feel comfortable in her own home, how can we ask her to share it with other people if sharing makes her feel uncomfortable? 

DerryEighteen year old Derry at college

Derry is eighteen and lives with his parents, younger brother Kai, and Lydia whom Derry and Kai call their sister. Lydia’s lived with them for the past two years and is part of the family, but things haven’t always been easy. Derry’s a reserved and gentle young person who puts a lot of thought in to his position as role model for nine year old Lydia. When asked his thoughts on Nexus, he replied “Nexus has always made me feel welcomed and the support given has always been helpful.



Dylan is ten. He’s looking forward to starting senior school next September. He says he’s ready for new challenges and wants to join the senior school’s tag rugby team. His parents look after fourteen year old Adeem, who travelled to the UK from Afghanistan after his parents were killed. Adeem’s grandfather lives in Cambridge but is too poorly to care for him. Dylan loves Adeem and treats him like a brother. He knows we’re there to help them all. When we asked him “has the support from Nexus Fostering been helpful for your family, are there any ways you think you could have had better support”, Dylan replied “yes and no because you are really good at supporting families like mine.”


And the last words go to sixteen year old Josh, whose parents look after parent and child placements “I really enjoyed our trip to Southend, Nexus has held some really good trips that I will remember for a lifetime,  I have not been to all of them but the ones I have been to have been great!”


We’re not pretending life is always smooth, that there aren’t problems, upsets or arguments; people wouldn’t be behaving normally if that were the case, all we’re saying is that there are so many positives to sharing your home and family with foster children and we are always just a phone call away to help you.

So, if you’re looking into becoming a foster carer but are concerned how fostering could affect your own children, please, take heart, our fostering families are at the heart of everything we do and supporting your children, whatever their age, is an integral part of our job.

Please, get in touch and start changing the lives.


Nexus Fostering

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