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Are you a child of foster carers or a child living with our foster carers?

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This section of the website is for you - so feel free to check it out and you can send your comments and suggestions to:

Whether you are a child of foster carers or a child living with foster carers, you will have your own issues and worries. These are important, and we hope that you can talk to the adults around you about these. You can also talk to the staff at Nexus Fostering. They visit regularly, and can take you out if you want to have a chat in private. What is important is that you are able to talk to someone about your concerns.

Nexus Fostering produces a bi-monthly newsletter for all children and young people involved in fostering. This contains useful information, games and competitions. As a member of a household who fosters for Nexus Fostering, you will receive a copy of this. You can see previous newsletters by logging in to the Young Person's website.

If you wish, you can contact us on 0800 389 0143 or alternatively - why not drop us an email on

Nexus Fostering hopes that all its children and young people know how important they are to us. We try to show it by spending time with you, and by asking your opinion on things. 

There are some useful resources for young people in care or who have been in care. Have a look at this website which was set up and is run by young people like you who aim to:

  • help young people from all over england to set up and join in local in-care/aftercare groups
  • help young people change the care system for the better
  • help young people speak up and have an effect on decisions about the care system
  • help young people send out good messages about themselves and tackle any bad ones

Another really useful website is This organisation is a voice for children in care and they are always alvailable fro help and advice.