A teens view of care

6 November 2017

This month we are focussing on teenagers and foster care. Today, we share with you a short piece written by one of our looked after teens on her own experience of entering a new foster home.

“Moving into a new family is scary and difficult, whether you are younger or a teenager. It all affects us in certain ways. Just like any other boy or girl in foster care, I would like everything to be made normal as possible when moving.

I have been with my foster carer for five years. When I arrived, the first thing she did was hug me. Straight away, this gave me a sense of trust towards her.

As I said it’s scary moving, but taking little bits of home with you can comfort you more than ever. Whether it is a teddy bear, trinket, or bedding, it can give you a sense of normality in your life.

For most kids coming into care, they didn’t have an extravagant life before. So why should there be when you move into a foster carers house? That could be really stressful and new for someone, so just making small gestures will let the foster child know you like them and want to take care of them.

Just remember that moving into foster care is a positive change for you. However, that took me five years to grasp, but now I understand that social services aren’t evil monsters trying to take my life away from me.”

S, 16 years old. 

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