‘A’ sisters volunteering story

22 January 2018

Sisters, A and A, are part of a Brownies Group which visits the local old people’s home at Christmas. They even put on a Christmas Concert, singing and dancing for the residents.

After the concert, they decorated the lounge with Christmas decorations they had made and showed the old folk how they made them, too. Before leaving they got most of them up dancing to the old time Christmas songs.

They also visit a care home in Dagenham with their carer once a fortnight and take time to sit and talk to the residents about whatever subject comes up. If the girls pull up a chair you know it’s going to be a long chat.

Both girls spend individual time and show they care, which the residents love, you see their faces light up when the girls arrive and go around saying hello to each person. They help them with their tea and lunch if they see them struggling. 

The girls have great social skills and a lot of respect for people, too. Everyone enjoys their company and their carers are very proud of what they have been doing.

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