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12 days of fostering

19 December 2019


This Christmas we’re celebrating 12 Days of Fostering!

Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, were focussing on 12 things that Nexus can give to you as a Foster Carer! Read on for the benefits of fostering with us…



1. a skilled career

We can offer you a career in fostering. Fostering is not just a job — it’s a vocation where you can progress, learn and make a difference!



2. two weeks paid respite

To care for others, it’s important to look after yourself! That’s why we offer all our Foster Carers two full weeks paid respite per year, to recharge and re-energise.



3. 3x ofsted rated outstanding

Did you know that we’ve been consecutively rated Outstanding by Ofsted? We’ve been rated Outstanding since 2011, meaning the support and service you’ll receive from us will be nothing less! Click for more info on our Ofsted rating.



4. extensive training

When you foster with Nexus, well train you from day one. Once you begin fostering, your learning doesn’t stop; your training will be ongoing, personalised and tailored to reflect the needs of you looked after children. Click for more info on our training.



5. successful placements

We strive for every placement to be successful, ensuring happy and positive outcomes for our young people and Foster Carers!




6. social events

Throughout the year, we arrange day trips, events & activities for all the family, including birth children, to bring the Nexus Fostering family together.



7. 24/7 support

We don’t ‘shut down’ for Christmas — we’re there for our carers and young people 24/7 365 days a year!

‘We know if we need anyone from Nexus Fostering they’re there at the end of the line’ — Foster Carers, Colin and Annette.



8. types of placement

We offer 8 types of placements, providing flexibility for our Foster Carers and greater chances of successful outcomes for our young people. Click here for our placement types.



9. local offices

We may cover a large region, but it is important to us that each of our teams of foster carers feels like they are part of a smaller team within our region. We have 9 offices spread across the Nexus Fostering region, but even if there is not an office on your doorstep you can still expect to receive that local touch. Find our local offices here!


10. fostering family

We’re run by former Social Workers which is what makes us so family orientated. You’ll never be alone when you foster with us. Visit our enquiry page to join us!



11. competitive allowance

Fostering will fill your pockets with love, fulfilment and worth and whilst we know fostering isn’t about money, it is important that you are recompensed for your time and effort into changing lives. Visit our allowance page for more info.



​12. ​​​​​​experienced staff

You should never foster alone, which is why you’ll be fully supported by experienced staff throughout your fostering journey with us – even our Director is a trained Social Worker! Visit bit.ly/Why-Nex for more info.



Could you foster? If you could change the lives of local, vulnerable young people and would like to benefit from a skilled career, then call us for an informal chat on 0800 389 0143 or enquire here!


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